Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Centralised management of workstations

Thanks to the virtualization of desktops (VDI), you can securely access your corporate resources when and where you want, from any device. Alhambra Cloud offers you full management of your desktops, optimising ownership, management and maintenance costs, while increasing your security and accessibility of information.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops

Optimisation of costs

Optimise investment in hardware infrastructure and acquisition of licences, and avoid the duplication of infrastructure in remote locations. Additionally, we offer licencing with payment by use of the virtualization software and the VDI solution.

High Availability

Free devices from hardware failure, improving availability and benefiting from taking greater advantage of processing and storage capacities.


Virtualization of desktops offers you full flexibility of design and personalisation, which allows integration with other existing systems of the client.

Flexibility and scalability

VDI allows horizontal scalability and faster provisioning of devices to users. Likewise, it facilitates the deployment of applications and patches and/or new OS versions.

Greater security

It guarantees greater control of security of the devices. Additionally, it facilitates the backup of devices and allows previous states to be returned to, at both the level of configuration and data.

No concerns

Distance yourself from the administration and supervision of all hardware and software elements that make up the VDI infrastructure and guarantee fulfilment of service levels that corporate users require.

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