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Kubernetes as a Service

Improve the availability and agility of your applications with Kubernetes

As part of our Virtual Data Center Service, Alhambra Cloud offers you the possibility of deploying Docker containers, managed through Kubernetes clusters, quickly and easily, from the same service provisioning and management console.

Benefits of Alhambra Cloud’s Kubernetes as a Service

Easy deployment

Deploy template-based Kubernetes clusters through a single virtual data centre (vCloud) management console.

Maximum control

Granular control over the VApps (logical group of one or more virtual machines) hosted by the cluster.

Full integration

Achieve easy integration with your existing Virtual Data Centres for hybrid solutions.

Consistency between development, test and production environments

The application works the same on a laptop and in the cloud.

Portability between clouds and distributions

Works on Ubuntu, RHEL, CoreOS, your physical data centre, Google Kubernetes Engine, etc.

Application-centric management

Raises the level of abstraction from the operating system and virtualised hardware to the application running on a system with logical resources.

Distributed, elastic, loosely-coupled, released and loosely-coupled microservices

Applications are separated into small, independent pieces that can be dynamically deployed and managed.

Isolation and resource utilisation

Makes application performance more predictable, as well as enabling greater efficiency and density.

Agile application creation and deployment

Greater ease and efficiency by creating container images instead of virtual machines.

Kubernetes as a Service


Continuous development, integration and deployment

Permite que la imagen de contenedor se construya y despliegue de forma frecuente y confiable, facilitando los rollbacks pues la imagen es inmutable.

Separation of tasks between Dev and Ops

You can create container images at build time and not at deployment, decoupling the application from the infrastructure.

Increased observability

Not only OS information and metrics are presented, but also application health and other signals.

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