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A secure environment for your users

The Collaborative Cloud Storage Service of Alhambra Cloud allows you to have a collaborative, dedicated, secure environment of user files, accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

Benefits of Collaborative Storage


Visibility and control

The Collaborative Cloud Storage service guarantees the visibility, control and security of your files, managed from a single web control panel.



Store, download, edit and share files with users of your organisation and with external agents online in a secure, encrypted way. The folders can be mapped by WebDAV protocol to allow direct access from different workstations.


Dedicated environment

A dedicated multiplatform and multidevice virtual environment which allows full isolation of the stored information, as well as advanced personalisation of its functionalities, compartmentalisation and visual appearance. It has client software for Windows, MacOS, Linux and apps for Android and IOS.


Management of users

Delegated management of users with different roles, divided by groups and with assignments of quotas, as well as visibility of actions carried out by each user from the control panel.


Management of files

Advanced management of files through metadata which allows its more effective classification, identification and location, as well as version control. Additionally, it allows the recovery of deleted files.



Access to a Market Place with a large number of extensions which add new functionalities, capacities and integrations with third party applications.

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